Who was here?

We hope to publish some Brief histories of famous people associated with Gargrave.

Here are a few names to be going on with.

  • St Robert of Newminster – (c.1100–1159), priest and abbot, was possibly born in Gargrave.
  • Adam Osgodby – (died 1316), English lawyer and parson of Gargrave.  Keeper of the Rolls of Chancery between 1295 to 1316.
  • Robert Shute – (died April 1590), Baron of the Exchequer from 1579 to 1586, English judge and politician, was born in Gargrave.
  • Robert Story – (1795–1860), known as “the Craven Poet”, lived in Gargrave.
  • The Rt Hon Iain Macleod-  (1913–1970), British politician and government minister, is buried in Gargrave churchyard.
  • The Rt Rev’d Ian Harland- (1932-2008), former Bishop of Lancaster and Carlisle, retired to Gargrave in 2000 and died here in 2008.
  • The Bronte Sisters-. We will reveal the connection soon.
  • James Bond-. We leave this as a teaser – Could the brother of the man who was the inspiration for James Bond be buried here. Find out soon! 

If you would like further information, can provide us with further information, become a contributor to this site or would like to offer your help, please send us your details and a brief description of how you can help via the comments box below.


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  1. I would like to find out where the road called Bond End in Gargrave was or is. It still existed in the 1920s.

    Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you

  2. Hi, I have found a 2 X great aunt on Ancestry. Dorcas Latham (1844) she was local and married a Thomas Finister a shoemaker and postman. In 1901 they lived on the High Street Gargrave. They had a daughter Beatrice who died in 1883 could she be buried in your churchyard? Dorcas’ father John Latham or Laytham was also a resident and my grandfather Stephen Moore Latham 1873 was born in the village. In 1871 they lived at 10 River Place, would such a place still exist? I would be very grateful for any information you could supply. Kind regards,
    Lynne Pickles.

  3. I am interested to find out more about my Grandmother who was born Agnes Coulthurst (born around the early 1900’s and married Fredrick Barker. She had up to nine (possibly) brothers and sisters, one of whom was sister Violet and a brother Richard. They had 5 children themselves (four surviving to adulthood, the eldest joined the airforce and was killed in the second world war). They emigrated to Australia around 1949-50.

  4. I am looking for information on the Gargrave family. My late mother’s maiden name was Gargrave, and trying to find anything about them. Thank you

    1. The Gargrave family did indeed take their name from the village of Gargrave, but the main place of residence was Wakefield. Unfortunately the Church here has no record of persons named Gargrave. The family had left Gargrave village at least 50 years before taking the name of the village. I am sorry but I have not been able to find out what the previous name was.

      A starting place may be to follow the lineage from Sir Thomas Gargrave (1495 t0 1579) who could possibly be one of the first of the Gargrave family.

      Here are a few links to get you started.


      I hope this has been helpful.

  5. I am doing research into my family tree & have WADE. SWIRE & BROUGHTON families in my tree. All of these appear to have a connection to the Gargrave area. Would you have any information on any of these families please.

    1. Hi Stuart
      A quick look on Ancestry showed a lot about these families.
      John Wade 1771-1846 was a saddler in Skipton. His son Thomas 1813-1868 was also a saddler, but moved to Gargrave. His son James 1834-1910 carried on his father’s business in Gargrave HIgh Street. James and his wife Elizabeth had 8 children.
      Richard Broughton 1838-1895 was a master stone mason and later a land agent. He and his wife Jane Eliza had 5 children including John William, a land surveyor and architect who later on moved to Skipton and Richard, a bank manger who moved to Stretford. John William Broughton’s name crops up quite often as he was the land agent for Sir Mathew Wilson at Eshton Hall and was his representative at village meetings that involved property matters of the estate.
      The Swires were an old Gargrave family. Thomas Swire 1791-1871 was a carpenter. His parents were Hezeiah and Elizabeth. Thomas and his wife Mary had about 9 children between 1819 and 1839, two of the girls were called Kezia and Zibrah.
      If you look on the church records section of this web site, you will see that quite a few of the above were buried at St Andrew’s church. If you don’t subscribe to Ancestry, you can access it at any library. At the church, we have graveyard plans that help to locate graves and also access to baptism records, many of which give dates of birth as well as baptism dates.
      Hope this helps
      Secretary and researcher for Gargrave Heritage Group

      1. Hi Sue, my apologies for the delay in replying to the information that you very kindly sent to me regarding the Wade, Swire & Broughton families who I am researching.

        I am a member of the Ancestry website & Wharfegen. I have been researching these families for many years & gone down many wrong paths – the Swires being in particular a very widespread & a common name around the Skipton & Craven areas.

        My great grandmother was Mary Jane Swire (b.1849 in Skipton) who was the daughter of Henry Swire (b.1809 in Skipton) & Susannah Lockwood (b.1805 in Manchester) .
        Henry Swire was the son of John Swire (b.1769 in Skipton) who was the illegitimate son of Elizabeth Swire (b.1747 in Skipton) & William Broughton (b.1752 in Skipton)

        Elizabeth Swire (1747) was the daughter of John Swire (b.1717 in Gargrave & died in 1763) her mother was Mary Oldfield (b.1711 in Threapland Burnsall)

        John Swire (1717) was the son of William Swire (b.1661 in Gargrave & buried at Gargrave in 1743) his mother was Alice ? who was born in Gargrave abt 1667 & died in Gargrave 1754

        After that I have come to a dead end & if you can fill in any gaps at all I would be very grateful indeed.

        The Wade information that you gave me is not my “Wades” but thank you anyway. I have actually traced my side of the Wade family back quite a long way. As a matter of interest, I went to an open day at Raikes Road Burial Ground in Skipton in September where they have discovered a number of graves of my Wade family members.
        Members of the Raikes Road society were dressed in period costume & went round the cemetery to various graves & gave a talk about the person buried there. It was a very successful weekend for them with over 150 people attending over the two days that they held it.

        Thank you once again for taking the time to answer my post on your website & should you have any information at all that you think might be useful to me,I would love to hear from you.

        Kindest regards

  6. Hello. Do any of your members know more about Gargrave House, its surrounds and its estate around the end of the nineteenth century? It was the seat of the Coulthurst family and the house was rebuilt circa1917. There must have been an earlier building? In 1881,an ancestor of mine,
    Francis Carradice, lived in Old Hall Fold and was the gamekeeper, and his son Abraham was the under-gamekeeper. A note on the 1881 census states that the inhabitants lived in Gargrave House when the master was absent. There is also an Old Hall on the census occupied by the
    gardener. I’m visiting Abraham’s grandson in Vancouver this summer – I’d love to be able to tell him more about this estate. Many thanks,

  7. I have a poster for some land called the hans which is near Bell Busk belonging to the Carlton School Trust? Can anyone tell me any history on this?

    1. In the early 1700s Elizabeth Wilkinson, the daughter of the then late Vicar of Carleton-in-Craven (Edward Price) set up and endowed a school in Carleton-in-Craven. Part of the endowment included land at Bell Busk then known as Haws (approximately 90 acres). As far as I know, this land is still owned by the Trustees of the School.

  8. I’m looking for information on my family, Gildert , Jim, Else Barrow.

    Any information or advice on where I can find details

    1. There is a trial version of an on line database which you can try. There are 5 instances of the name Barrow in this database, some of which may be the persons you are looking for. Have a look at our Church Records page and follow the graphic link to Church Records in the text.

      These are the entries that are held in the records.

      2132 Barrow Agnes Jane Burial J II 5 1940
      2133 Barrow Albert Burial J II 5 1962
      2773 Barrow Mabel Burial K XI 10 1966
      2774 Barrow Gilbert Burial K XI 10 1977
      3013 BARROW Elsie May Burial N VI 1B. 1993 died 5 March 1993 aged 93

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