We hope to publish some Brief histories of famous people associated with Gargrave.

Here are a few names to be going on with.

  • St Robert of Newminster – (c.1100–1159), priest and abbot, was possibly born in Gargrave.
  • Adam Osgodby – (died 1316), English lawyer and parson of Gargrave.  Keeper of the Rolls of Chancery between 1295 to 1316.
  • Robert Shute – (died April 1590), Baron of the Exchequer from 1579 to 1586, English judge and politician, was born in Gargrave.
  • Robert Story – (1795–1860), known as “the Craven Poet”, lived in Gargrave.
  • The Rt Hon Iain Macleod-  (1913–1970), British politician and government minister, is buried in Gargrave churchyard.
  • The Rt Rev’d Ian Harland- (1932-2008), former Bishop of Lancaster and Carlisle, retired to Gargrave in 2000 and died here in 2008.
  • The Bronte Sisters-. We will reveal the connection soon.
  • James Bond-. We leave this as a teaser – Could the brother of the man who was the inspiration for James Bond be buried here. Find out soon! 

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